Tools for recruitment and evaluation



New Moves was well-received by the schools involved in the research study, and the majority of schools involved in the study have chosen to continue the program on their own. If you have girls in your school who are not interested in traditional physical education classes, New Moves is a great way to meet their needs.


New Moves is designed for girls who are not interested in traditional physical education class and are less physically active than their peers. The class is intended to provide exposure to a wide variety of activities in a non-competitive environment, which is attractive to some girls but not intended to meet the needs of all girls, especially those who are already very physically active.

Recruitment materials

Recruitment for New Moves can be done a variety of ways. Identifying girls who may benefit from New Moves is the first step, and talking with students directly is usually the best way to recruit for New Moves. Additional recruitment materials including recruitment posters and cards can be useful tools as well.


Data Collection

Some of the evaluation and measurement tools listed below are available for download. If you use any New Moves measurement tools please cite New Moves.

During the New Moves study, measurements were conducted prior to the start of class (baseline), at the end of the class (post-class), and at the end of the maintenance period (follow-up). Measurements collected in New Moves included:

Body composition

Height and weight (BMI)

Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DXA)

Bioelectrical Impedance

Physical activity

3 Day Physical Activity Recall (3DPAR) (pdf)

Dietary Intake

24-hour dietary recall

Program satisfaction

Student process evaluation survey (pdf)

Parent process evaluation survey (pdf)

Teacher Interviews (pdf)

Perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors related to eating, physical activity, and body image

New Moves survey (pdf)

Survey Psychometrics (pdf)

Family environment

Parent survey (pdf)