What people are saying about New Moves

The New Moves program was well-received by girls, teachers, and parents.

Check out the comments from girls, teachers, and parents of New Moves girls!

girls said

Comments from girls

“It was so encouraging! Everybody made it such a fun, lively, friendly and positive environment. Loved the girl pages. I loved the guests that came and did workouts with us! Dancing and weights were my favorite workouts—I do them at home.”

“I liked that it was an all-girls class and that they taught us how to be healthy.”

“I liked how it gave me the opportunity to experience a whole new point of view about being physically active.”

“I loved the positive talks and how we helped each other out.”

“I liked how New Moves gave out useful lessons such as dealing with stress in a good way and loving yourself.”

“It was way better than any other gym class.”

“I liked the variety and the close atmosphere. I liked that it was all girls so it felt more personal.”

“The thing I liked the most about New Moves was the encouragement they gave us and important useful information to stay healthy. I also enjoyed the guests because they allowed me to try new things.”

“I liked that the class was full of people who didn’t judge me and I learned to look at people differently. I focus on the positives of life more than the things that are negative.”

“I loved the guest instructors and the girl pages. I learned a lot about alternative strength and aerobic exercising.”

“I like being with the group, exercising, how supportive the teachers are about eating healthy food and breakfast, I like the idea of being active in many ways.”

“I really liked the sense of community and the lessons and the girl pages. Lunch bunch was my favorite.”


teachers said

Comments from Teachers

“Fabulous. Loved it. Enjoyed it very much. Reinvigorated my teaching.”

“I do think that the fact that this was just a girls class was very good... I don’t know why we don’t do it all the time.”

“First word, awesome. There’s such a need for this class.”

“Some girls that have never passed a PE class passed New Moves.”

“I think the girls are more willing to participate in an all-girls class...I think that from the standpoint of activity, the girls weren’t as self-conscious about participating and doing things that they probably might not have even attempted in a coed class.”


parents said

Comments from parents:

“She enjoyed the positive and encouraging atmosphere of the class. She also enjoyed the variety of activities and the opportunity to use workout equipment.”

“You helped her gain confidence within herself.”

“She wasn't having anxiety over her phy ed class — she enjoyed it! She used to complain a lot and have lots of stress when taking a ‘traditional’ gym class.”

“No stress or embarrassment in having to participate in competitive team sports she had no interested in. It seemed to build her confidence instead of undermining it.”

“New Moves gave her suggestions and helped her set her own goals. She liked having someone non-judgmental to listen to her.”

“It gave her options on ways to be active and fit, wish they had that when I went there.”

“It shows young girls that they can be beautiful inside and out, and that they can eat healthy and be active.”

“The hands-on approach gave the girls the chance to learn how to make healthy decisions for themselves.”

“Girls learned to love their bodies and learned how to stay healthy. These skills will help them throughout their lives.”

“It has more information and usefulness than a traditional gym class. It teaches the girls a healthy lifestyle to continue even after high school.”

“She doesn't worry so much about the way she looks. She is more sure of herself.”

“They encouraged women to be happy with who they are.”

“I think this is a fantastic alternative for many girls who aren't into team sports. The fact that it was all girls also eliminated anxiety. I hope this option will continue to be available in our district-it should be a permanent course offering!”

“This was a good opportunity for girls like mine, who are not athletic, but still want to be active. Having no real interest in sports, the New Moves class gave her chances to be physically active and enjoy learning about fitness and health in a non-threatening way.”